I see hope in their future


There’s a beautiful old colonial style building sitting on a hill that I use to drive past on the way from San Fernando to Pointe-a-Pierre years before I left for London.  I never knew how much hope was contained there.

My UK friends know that we have been spending increasingly more time in Trinidad while still working for a bunch of UK clients. Sadly since we have been here, we have noticed what could only be referred to as moral decay. Daily we are reminded of how poorly we have served the next generation by a consistent flow of violent cell phone videos. We have quietly been using our expertise to be part of the solution as non-action is the root of these problems.

Last Week…

Scroll forward to last week. I’m driving from a primary school in San Fernando with a car full of kids to the same beautiful building on the hill accompanied by Hope Centre’s  passionate manager, Ms Edghill.  I’m doing the trips today because their school van has transmission problems. They are introducing themselves to me one by one. They are bright, beautiful and genuinely happy to see us. These kids live at Hope Centre for a myriad of painful reasons: sexual abuse, death, murder. (their faces cannot be shown).

Hope Centre

We get back to the house and Sharron and I hang with them as they eat their dinner. This home is clean bright and colourful, the staff are caring, and the children are happy. But the house is in need of repair, the roof needs changing and the bedrooms are overcrowded. But I’m hopeful because we get to be here. We get to run creative workshops for the kids; we get to help their lives become even more enjoyable and most of all we get to use our skills to draw your attention to this place. Hope Centre and their benefactors, including designbySPIRIT have the mammoth task of solving the overcrowding and structural problems. You see, this is a temporary home for kids but for the majority of them it won’t be that. Their circumstances are so critical that they will practically grow up here, and it is our social responsibility to ensure that they are so comfortable that their future becomes so full of hope that failure is impossible.

What Next?

We do a great deal of charity/social justice work behind the scenes, but we realise that we have to showcase this one because these kids are going to need YOUR help. Soon we will be calling on all our friends, local and international to support this beautiful place, but for now, here is:
1. Their rebrand below
2. Their facebook page
3. Their new webpage

Please like this blog, leave a comment, like their facebook page, share it, and invite others to do so also. In the middle of all the negative imagery we can add some much needed Hope to our timelines.