Beautiful Survivors

Behind the Hope Collection

Beautiful Survivors

About exactly one month ago I was sitting at my desk with a gift bag of brand new Conflict Women jewellery designs. Coincidentally Keziah stylist, fashion blogger and the personality behind the Kezblogs brand was staying over at my house.

I showed her one of the pieces but did not tell her that they were in my possession for the creation of a lookbook for their Hope Collection. Kez was blown away and immediately made the suggestion that she do a lookbook for it. I don’t believe in coincidence at all. Right there we started pulling together a team. I have always wanted to do some work with hot young photographer Melvern Isaac so Kez jumped on the phone and started making calls. Everyone genuinely wanted to be part of the project and within one hour a full team was built that even included the lush Silverpin studio. We even had one model, Fariel Ali-Khan, already committed to the project. Founder of Conflict Women Asiya Mohammed dropped by later that day and happily green-lighted the idea. Two more models were added courtesy of Coco Velvet and we had ourselves a team.

The Team

Art Direction – Christophe Pierre
Creative Direction/Styling – Keziah Lendor
Photography – Melvern Isaac
Makeup Tricia Blaise-Fergus
Project Management – Shauna Danae Grant
Photo Studio – Silverpin Studio
Model – Tamara Malcolm, Inique, Coco Velvet International Fashion & Model Management
Model – Alana Nipper, Coco Velvet International Fashion & Model Management
Model – Fariel Ali-Khan

The Real Team

You see this project is the direct result of a team who understand what it means to give the best of their craft to a cause. But the sobering truth is – WE ARE NOT THE REAL TEAM. We are a front, window dressers, a platform for women who none of you may ever meet or see. Women whose situations are so dangerous, that sometimes, law enforcement can’t even know where they are. They have survived sexual and physical violence from people that they trusted. Asiya goes through stringent security methods when holding a jewellery training workshop because this is the life they lead. I have met these women and they are so strong, optimistic and hopeful for their future. The reality is that we are the ones that are privileged to be in their presence. By the time you have even finished reading this blog, hundreds of women around the world would have been victims. Conflict Women gets to save some of these women and with your help they will save many more.

These women are all in various stages of executing their hope for release. They train hard and learn a craft that enables them to support themselves and leave their situation. What you will see is the hard work of these women. It is exceptional and deserves to be celebrated not just because of where they came from, but because they are in fact, art.

The Hope Collection

Each piece is handcrafted in Trinidad & Tobago by our beautiful survivors of Sexual and Domestic Violence.
Every purchase you make gives hope to a survivor. A hope of financial independence and freedom. 

To browse and purchase your piece:
Visit and purchase via credit card or indicate interest by email.
Conflict Women ships locally and internationally
Alternatively, visit The Shop at Hotel Normandie in Trinidad & Tobago
More outlets will be announced soon.

The Lookbook Preview